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Broward County Gardens and Sanctuaries

Flamingo Garden

Located in Davie Florida, Flamingo Garden is one of the oldest gardens in South Florida that provide a beautiful, and vibrant venue for families to visit. This garden goes all the way back to 1927 when Floyd and Jane Wray were fascinated by the tropical landscape of this Broward County, so much that they developed one of the first eco-tourism attractions. Today, what was once a citrus grove is now a sprawling park with over 3,000 tropical plants and 90 species of native wildlife that are all preserved for locals and visitors to marvel.

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This sanctuary also rescues wildlife that cannot survive in the wild and has an impressive collection of alligators, injured panthers, parrots, otters and even flamingos living here. Flamingo garden also holds several individual gardens to give visitors a pleasant variety. These gardens include the hummingbird and butterfly garden, croton garden and the Bromeliad garden.

Butterfly World

This is one of the world’s premier research centers located in Broward County. The Butterfly World allows visitors a chance to roam through the gardens where hummingbirds and butterflies fly free. You can also explore a museum that showcases some of the most beautiful, creepiest and largest bugs in the world. Kids are allowed to feed the Lorikeets and see the butterfly nursery.

Broward County Parks


Broward County boasts of more than 25 parks that are properly maintained to provide beautiful relaxation centers for the locals and visitors. They offer great sightseeing locations and serene venues for couples to hold weddings.

Riverwalk Linear Park

Situated along the New River, this is one of the most popular places for couples and families to visit. This 18-acre park allows visitors to explore Fort Lauderdale’s riverside attractions, shopping centers, historical buildings, and boutiques. Visitors can also bring their furry friends along. Just make sure to keep your dog on a leash at all times.

Tradewinds Park

This park is home to the beautiful butterfly world. Visitors can stroll through the beautiful indoor butterfly habitat that’s complete with a lush landscape with waterfalls and a variety of colorful, exotic butterflies. Visitors can also enjoy picnics at one of its many pavilions.

Synder Park

Located in the heart of Broward County on SW 4th Avenue, the Synder park provides the perfect locations to play around with your dogs. Here, your dog can play fetch, swim in the lake and play around with you as you bond. The park also offers picnic sites, nature trails, and bike paths.