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  • Dr. James Kraut

    Dr James Kraut | Coral Springs Psychologist

    Dr. James Kraut is a licensed clinical psychologist that has been practicing in the South Florida area for 25 years. He is located in Coral Springs.  He earned his doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 1992 from Nova (now Nova Southeastern) [...]
  • impact_windows

    Considering PGT storm windows?

    The Security, Storm and Sound benefits of installing insulated impact windows Mike has been in  the whole construction business  for probably 20 years. I consider him an expert on these PGT WinGuard™ impact windows  and I asked him to share [...]
  • broward-roofing_florida1

    Leaky Roof: Call Broward-Roofing

    What to Do If Your Roof Is Leaking The best thing to do when you're faced with a leaky roof is to get in touch with an emergency roof repair service (more on that in a moment.) But, while you're making the call and waiting for them to arrive, [...]
  • broward_county_websites_logo

    Broward County News

    Not too long ago, Broward County was considered a place with not much to do other than to visit your grandparents or go on a spring break. However, over the years, this county has grown to offer a variety of fun and exciting activities and [...]
  • ski_rixen_broward_county

    Broward Beaches and more news

    Broward County offers the locals and visitors a variety of natural attractions, Museums, parks, fauna and flora and a vibrant culinary scene for everyone to enjoy. It also enjoys over 23 miles of Blue Wave, palm-fringed, golden sandy beaches. [...]
  • broward_county_arts_culture

    Broward County’s vibrant cultural community

    Broward is a vibrant county with multicultural music, arts and culture, entertainment and dining scene. Here, visitors can enjoy Broward’s many tasty flavors that boast of cuisines from every corner of the world, including Argentinian grills, [...]
  • broward_county_restaurants

    4 Broward County Restaurants to visit

    Broward County Food Scene In Broward County, there is no shortage of great food. Whether you are looking for seafood, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, pizza, steakhouse or barbecue, we have it all for you. Over the years, the dining scene of [...]
  • GardensandSanctuaries

    Broward County Gardens and Sanctuaries

    Broward County Gardens and Sanctuaries Flamingo Garden Located in Davie Florida, Flamingo Garden is one of the oldest gardens in South Florida that provide a beautiful, and vibrant venue for families to visit. This garden goes all the way back [...]
  • broward_beach_girl

    South Florida Beaches

  • branded_video_production

    Video Marketing in South Florida | SEO for Video

    We specialize in creating video marketing and provide affordable Video SEO services. We are located in South Florida and have been in business since 2005. South Florida Video Production for Business Promotions, Product Demonstrations, How To [...]



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South Florida Video Marketing

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Hot Yoga

The Yoga Joint in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

 Experience Fitness

Experience Fitness in Cooper City, Florida.

CrossFit Carnage

CrossFit Carnage in Dania Beach, Florida.




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